From 04.06. – 11.06. Lords & Knights will celebrate it’s seventh anniversary! Expect special events, special tasks and free gold coins:

  • Get 300 free gold coins during the time of the event
  • Perform special in-game tasks and earn valuable rubies!

Three big in-game events are waiting for you:

  1. Transport capacity: The transport capacity of all unity is increased by 100%
  2. Military review: 50% less resource costs for unit recruitments
  3. Land reform: 50% less silver costs for conquering habitats

* TROOP MOVEMENTS: Brand-new visual feature that displays troop transits with beautifully animated models!

 * ARCHITECT – UPGRADE: The new architect is able to upgrade all habitat types at once for a second time!

* CALL BACK ALL UNITS – IMPROVEMENT: A new setting now enables all players to switch between the display of the home habitat of all units or the currently stationed habitat