* New battle server: “Bellicum I”

This special game world is clearly focused on epic battles and is, therefore, particularly interesting for those among you looking for a challenge where It doesn’t dwell on long lasting development, but is all about going straight into the thick of the fight.


* Special: Super Bowl

– World Events: You have the chance to complete tasks and earn valuable rubies

– Regards from the Guilds: 50% resource costs for upgrading buildings

– Fight the Vacancy: Buy free castles for 50% less Gold and free fortresses for 25% less Gold.


* New Features:

– Alliance Tournaments: New competitions in which alliances compete in different categories. The winner-alliance receives precious rewards for the alliance treasury as well as every single member to honour their success!

– Abandon Habitats: The new possibility to simply give up a hard to defend habitat on the map and to receive a compensation for it!


* Bugfixes

Some new features initially are only active on selected worlds.